About Us

What does Lammetna mean?

Lammetna means “our gathering” in Arabic and resembles the vision of our company, that vision being, providing the Arab community with a safe and inclusive platform that unites Arab individuals, while empowering Arab-led businesses and organizations.

What exactly will the Lammetna platform offer?

Through our platform, the Arab community will get the chance to: connect with like-minded individuals within the London community, demonstrate their skills and abilities, whether as facilitators or attendees of events, and spend their free time doing something they enjoy.

The Arab community in London is diverse to say the least, is Lammetna planning on utilizing this diversity?

Our team recognizes and celebrates the diversity of our community and attempts to promote further harmony within this diversity. Our methodized approach consists of planning, organizing, and implementing several types of events, targeting different age groups. These events will not discuss any religious or political matters, but will merely serve to alleviate any barriers between the diverse Arab community.

What type and size of events are we planning?

Our events will range from large festivals, Galas, and conferences, to small weekly workshops, classes, and get-togethers. 

What else will Lammetna do for the Arab community?

Aside from hosting events, Lammetna will empower the community by partnering with local businesses in the area, hence our motto, “United We Stand”. This partnership will connect these businesses with the members of the community.

How can you join Lammetna?

Whether you have a skillset you want to pass on, need a unique sort of assistance, aim to learn something, need to advertise your business or service, or simply want to have fun, Lammetna is for you!