Journalism Coordinator

About the role:

We are looking for a Journalism Coordinator to join our growing marketing team! As a Journalism Coordinator at Lammetna, you will be responsible for helping the Marketing Director create and publish news pieces on Lammetna's marketing channels & newsletter. This role will give you the opportunity to directly help in the growth of a start-up and contribute to its success through marketing. 

Responsibilities include:

- Assist in the brainstorming, creation, scheduling, & posting of news pieces on Lammetna's social media platforms and newsletter
- Conduct research to uncover interesting and objective-aligned material
- Maintain notes and audio and video recordings of interviews
- Write well-constructed articles based on reliable information

What we’re looking for:

- Strong verbal and written communication skills
- Good research and observation skills 
- Story-telling skills, with a strong emphasis on news coverage
- Multimedia experience is an asset, including social media, video, audio, digital production and design, and photography
- Strong interpersonal skills